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Scrap recycling process of scrap circuit boards

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Circuit board recycling equipment is a set of processes that disassemble and decompose scrap circuit boards into metal and non-metal. After the circuit board with electronic components is stripped and disassembled, the components are removed (the components are classified and processed separately). The circuit board completes the dissociation of metal and non-metal through coarse crushing, iron removal, and fine crushing, forming a mixture of metal and non-metal, and entering the airflow specific gravity screen to extract most of the metal.

Circuit Board Recycling Machine

Circuit Board Recycling Machine

The circuit board fiber powder sieved by the specific gravity of the airflow contains a small amount of fine metals (about 2-5% content), and then enters the electrostatic separator to extract the remaining fine metals, and the metal recovery rate can be as high as 99%. Commonly used recycling treatment methods mainly include three categories: one is physical mechanical treatment, including crushing, sorting and disassembly, etc.; the second is heat treatment, including incineration, vacuum cracking, and direct smelting; the third is chemical treatment. Including pickling, alcohol washing, amine washing and corrosion. Due to the advantages and disadvantages of various methods of disposing of discarded circuit boards separately, at present, we often adopt physical and mechanical treatment methods to comprehensively process and recycle discarded circuit boards.

The environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment has a compact and reasonable structure, stable performance and low noise. The circuit board recycling equipment adopts PLC to control the uniform feeding of the whole production line and coordinate the operation. The equipment adopts three-stage pulverization, so that the processing capacity can reach 1000kg per hour. The crushing chamber adopts circulating water for temperature control and noise reduction. The whole production line adopts negative pressure feeding to effectively reduce dust overflow. The material return system makes the crushing more efficient. The sorting rate of the air-flow sorting equipment is as high as 97~99%. The efficiency of pulse dust removal equipment is as high as 99.99%.

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