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Lithium Battery Recycling Machine(Mobile phone Li ion battery)

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The copper in the negative electrode of mobile phone lithium battery recycling equipment (with a content of about 35%) is a widely used important production raw material, and the carbon powder adhered to it can be used as an additive for plastics, rubber, etc. Therefore, the effective separation of the negative electrode constituent materials of the waste lithium battery has a driving effect on maximizing the resource utilization of the waste lithium battery and eliminating its corresponding environmental impact. Commonly used methods for recycling waste lithium batteries include hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy, and mechanical and physical methods. Compared with the wet method and the fire method, the mechanical physical method does not require the use of chemical reagents and has lower energy consumption. It is an environmentally friendly and efficient method. Based on the structural characteristics of the anode of lithium batteries, the author of this paper uses a combined process of crushing and screening and airflow separation to carry out separation and enrichment studies to achieve the separation and recovery of copper, aluminum and carbon powder in the anode of waste lithium batteries.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

The working principle of mobile phone lithium battery recycling equipment:

Based on the lithium battery positive and negative electrode structure and the material characteristics of its constituent materials, copper and carbon powder, a combined process of tearing machine, wind separator, hammer crushing, vibrating screening and air separation is used to separate the negative electrode constituent materials of waste lithium batteries And recycling.

Features of mobile phone lithium battery recycling equipment:

1. The combined process of hammer crushing, vibrating screening and airflow sorting can realize the resource utilization of metal copper and carbon powder in the negative electrode material of waste lithium battery.

2. The positive and negative electrode materials can be effectively separated from the carbon powder and the copper aluminum foil through hammer vibration, and then the copper foil and the carbon powder can be initially separated by vibrating and sieving based on the difference in size and shape between particles. The results of hammer vibration peeling and sieving separation are displayed.

3. This equipment is mainly used by lithium ion battery manufacturers to separate the anode and cathode materials in scrap lithium batteries for the purpose of recycling. The complete set of equipment operates under negative pressure, and there is no dust effusion, and the separation efficiency can reach more than 98%.

Working principle: First, the whole lithium battery is mechanically dismantled, the shell is separated, and the diaphragm is separated. Then the positive and negative raw materials are crushed to less than 10mm with a coarse crusher, then enter the particle crusher for peeling and crushing, and then enter the micropowder classifier for separation After treatment, the tail ash is collected by the cyclone separator and pulse dust collector.

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