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How to disassemble and recycle scrap lead-acid batteries

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Process steps for recycling and treatment of waste lead-acid batteries

Lead Battery Recycling Machine

Lead Battery Recycling Machine

Battery disassembly:

Disassemble the used lead-acid batteries and divide them into three categories: wastewater, shell and lead-containing solid waste. Wastewater is placed in an acid-proof and leak-proof sewage tank, the shell enters the shell treatment workshop, and the lead-containing solid waste enters the reverberatory furnace;

Liquid wastewater treatment:

Lead the wastewater in the sewage tank into the ordinary wastewater treatment system for wastewater treatment;

Shell processing:

The shell is rinsed, the rinsed water is introduced into the sewage tank, and the rinsed shell is then processed into particles;

Smelting crude lead:

Connect the gas generator at the front end of the reverberatory furnace, and use gas combustion to smelt the lead-containing solid waste. The smelted lead is exported from the lead outlet to the iron pot to form crude lead, and the exhaust gas and the inhaled lead dust after smelting are introduced In the flue at the rear end of the reverberatory furnace;

Ingot slag removal:

Lead the crude lead into the refining furnace, and then add the metal elements. Use a variable speed mixer to stir and configure the lead-based alloy. At the same time, the refining furnace is heated by a gas generator. After melting, the slag is further removed. The prepared lead water flows through the pipeline to the tank. Internal molding, the bottom of the tank is cooled by circulating water to form recycled lead; the exhaust gas produced after smelting and the inhaled lead dust are introduced into the flue;

Swirl settlement:

In the flue, a water tank temperature swirling and cooling device is used to naturally settle the gas;

Collect dust:

A cyclone is applied to the natural settling gas to introduce it into the dust removal room. The dust removal room uses a cloth bag to collect dust and export other gases;

Water film dust removal:

Collect other gases in the dust removal step and introduce them into the water film dust removal system for water film dust removal, and the dust removed gas is discharged into the atmosphere.

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