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How to recycle used lithium batteries?

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At this stage, the physical method of lithium battery recycling equipment is used to crush and sort lithium battery positive and negative materials. The raw material characteristics of copper and carbon powder are raw materials. The processing technology consisting of hammer crushing, vibration screening and cyclone screening is negative for waste lithium batteries. The raw materials of the grade constituents are separated and recycled.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Common recycling methods for waste lithium batteries include chemical processes, ice-based metallurgical industry, and mechanical equipment physics. Compared with the wet and ice method, the mechanical equipment physics method does not require the application of chemicals and consumes less energy. It is a green and environmentally friendly method with good working efficiency.

The key to the lithium battery processing equipment is the physical recycling method, which has the characteristics of low carbon, environmental protection, green sustainability, and no secondary pollution, and has both economic development and environmental protection economic benefits. The recycling of lithium batteries not only completes the use of valuable components, It can also harmlessly harm the hazardous ingredients. The entire recycling process department has completed industrial automation, with high recycling efficiency and strong processing capacity. The lithium battery processing equipment handles more than 99% of the valuable components of waste lithium batteries.

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