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Automatic mask machine production equipment maintenance


Fully Automatic Mask Making Machine 1+1

Fully Automatic Mask Making Machine 1+1

1. Appearance: Masks need to be worn on our faces and even used in the operating room. Therefore, the production of masks requires timely cleaning of mask machines. At the end of each day, personnel should be arranged to clean the working surface of the equipment and the plate on which the mask is fixed after turning off the power. Please note that water or oil cannot be used, other non-toxic and volatile cleaning fluids, such as alcohol, can be used.

2. Transmission system: The transmission system includes motors, gears, reducers, sprockets, chains, conveyor belts and other components. We need to check whether the outer surface of the motor has dust that affects heat dissipation, whether the gear and sprocket are oiled, and whether there are accessories. Is the tightness of the chain appropriate? Is there any foreign matter? Are the connecting screws between the transmission parts loose? Is the lubricating oil of the reducer sufficient? Generally, the lubricating oil needs to be replaced every 1000 to 1500 hours.

3. Electrical system: Check whether the equipment circuit connector is loose, whether the main power cord, branch signal line, etc. are worn out? Are the electrical equipment loose? Is the inside of the distribution box clean and dry, and whether the exhaust fan is working properly, etc.

4. Ultrasonic system: Check whether the ultrasonic system is clean, especially the ultrasonic electric box, transducer, welding head (magnification) must be kept dry, and the connection line must be firm. Also check the degree of wear of the ultrasonic welded joints from time to time. Pay attention to the change range of the pointers of the voltmeter and ammeter on the ultrasonic electric box.

The above is about the main functions and characteristics of the automatic mask machine.

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