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What is the process flow of waste circuit board recycling equipment


Waste circuit board recycling equipment is composed of workbench 1, primary crusher 2, screw conveyor, secondary crusher 6, sorter 10 and other equipment. The operation is stable, the material is transported uniformly, the broken rate of waste circuit boards is high, the recovery rate of useful resources such as metal copper is high, the product grade is also high, and the labor intensity is greatly reduced, and the safety factor is improved. What is the technological process of waste circuit board recycling equipment?

Circuit Board Recycling Machine
Circuit Board Recycling Machine

The circuit board is sent to the integrated shredding and shredding machine by the conveyor, and the circuit board is shredded to 3-5 cm, and then directly falls into the crusher; the crushed particles reach 1-2 cm, and then they are sent to the third by the feeding screw. Grade pulverizer for grinding;

The pulverizer is equipped with a grading and screening machine. During the grinding process, the circuit board powder that reaches the required mesh enters the next step, and cannot reach the required recirculation. The 50-80 mesh circuit board powder enters the next link of the wind specific gravity separator, and the primary separation is carried out according to the specific gravity of the copper powder and the resin fiber powder, and about 70% of the metal powder can be separated;

3 The powder separated by the specific gravity separator and the powder drawn by the upper suction enter the pulse dust collector, and the powder discharged by the pulse dust collector contains a small amount of copper powder, and then is sent to the high-voltage electrostatic separation equipment by the wind feeder for one-step separation .

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