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Decomposition and recycling solutions for used tires


Used for the recycling of waste tires, the whole waste tire can be decomposed, and rubber particles, steel wires and fibers can be separated, so that various materials can be recycled and reused.

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

System workflow:

1. Conveyor belt 1: transport the tire to the shredder;

2. Shredder: shred tires;

3. Conveyor belt 2: convey the tire fragments out;

4. Magnetic separator 1: separate steel wire in rubber;

5. Crusher: crush the rubber to below 8mm;

6. Magnetic separator 2: remove possible remaining steel wire;

7. Vibrating screen: classify the rubber material according to size;

8. Fiber separator: separate fiber;

9. Recycling and bagging;

10. Centralized control electric box.

Tire recycling: the rubber and fiber in the tire can be separated, and the cleanliness of a single separation can reach more than 99%.

other apps:

The PVC hose separates PVC particles and nylon fibers;

Ceramic particles produce tail ends to remove dust attached to the surface;

Other occasions where it is necessary to separate out light fibers, fragments, dust and other magazines.

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