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How to recycle used lithium batteries


The waste lithium battery recycling and processing equipment separates the waste lithium batteries into the raw materials we need by separating and regenerating the used lithium batteries. The lithium battery recycling equipment uses multi-knife crushing to crush the raw materials and crush the raw materials, which are sorted by airflow. The facilities carry out separation treatment, and there are pulse dust removal facilities to collect the dust generated during the separation process and subsequent processes. A green, high-quality closed-circuit cycle system for the full life cycle of the battery is formed. The waste lithium battery recycling equipment mainly uses the aluminum and copper in the positive and negative plates of the scrap lithium battery to separate the positive and negative materials for recycling. With the optimization of the industry development environment, the development prospects for the utilization of lithium batteries are considerable.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

This equipment smoothly separates the components of the lithium-ion battery, which contains lithium cobalt oxide, lithium iron phosphate, copper foil, aluminum foil, diaphragm paper and electrolyte. The waste lithium battery recycling and processing equipment adopts dry mechanical separation method, which has low energy consumption, high productivity and good separation effect. Compared with old-fashioned fire and physical measures, the separation purity is higher.

Features of lithium battery recycling equipment

1. The combined process of hammer crushing, vibrating screening and air flow sorting can realize the resource utilization of metal copper and carbon powder in the anode material of waste lithium batteries;

2. The negative electrode material can be effectively separated between the carbon powder and the copper foil after the hammer vibration, and then the copper foil and the carbon powder can be separated initially by the vibration sieving based on the difference in size and shape between the particles, which can be directly sent downstream Corporate recycling;

3. For broken particles with lower copper grades, airflow separation can be used to achieve effective separation between copper and carbon powder. When the airflow velocity is 1.00 m/s, a good recovery effect can be achieved, and the recovery rate of metallic copper will be even higher. high;

4. This equipment is mainly used by lithium ion battery manufacturers to separate aluminum and copper from the anode and cathode materials in the scrapped anode and cathode sheets for recycling purposes. The complete set of equipment operates under negative pressure, no dust effusion, and high separation efficiency.

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