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Process introduction of lithium battery crushing and recycling production line


The material is sent by the conveyor to the primary crusher for coarse crushing, and the coarsely crushed material is sent to the secondary crusher through the conveyor for the second crushing, and the material crushed by the secondary crusher enters the conveyor At the same time, a magnetic separation equipment is set up in the middle to separate the iron in the material.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

After the iron is removed by the material conveyor and magnetic separator, it enters the three-stage crusher for fine crushing and crushes the material to powder. The material in powder state enters the cyclone separator from the negative pressure system for air filtration, and falls on the air separator through the fan, and is sorted by the air separator, so that substances of different densities are stratified, and finally the metal is separated. And all the non-metals are brought into the pulse dust collector by the negative pressure system for concentration.

The filtered tail gas will continue to be sent from the negative pressure system to the tail gas treatment equipment for air purification, so that it can meet the national emission standards before being discharged at high altitude.

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