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The role of each component of the scrap lithium battery recycling equipment


The battery recycling equipment separates the waste lithium batteries into the raw materials we need by separating and regenerating the waste lithium batteries. The battery recycling equipment uses multi-knife crushing to crush the raw materials and crush the raw materials, which are separated and processed by the air flow sorting facility. And there is a pulse dust removal facility to collect the dust generated during the separation process and the subsequent process. A green, high-quality closed circuit system for the entire life cycle of the battery is formed. The lithium battery recycling equipment mainly uses the aluminum and copper in the positive and negative plates of the scrap lithium battery to separate the positive and negative materials for recycling. The industry development environment is optimized, and the development prospects for the utilization of lithium batteries are considerable.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

The role of each component of battery recycling equipment:

1. Shredder: shred the lithium battery

2. Hammer crusher: the shredded materials are subjected to secondary crushing and separation

3. Crusher: crush the crushed materials

4. Analysis machine: the crushed materials are separated by winnowing

5. Collector: collect and discharge the dust passing through the induced draft fan

6. Pulse purifier (air purifier): Purify the dust of the whole set of equipment.

7. Grading screen: screen the materials sorted by the analyzer, and sort out large metal materials

8. Magnetic separator: separate nickel from metal

9. Specific gravity sorting machine: the fine materials that have passed through the sorting screen are then subjected to specific gravity sorting to completely separate the metal

10. Fan: Keep the whole system under negative pressure, collect powder and purify the air.

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