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The practice of recycling metal with copper rice machine has become popular, and the dry copper rice machine can recycle copper, aluminum and plastics, greatly increasing the value. The successful research and development of the dry copper rice machine solves the environmental pollution caused by "incineration of copper" and "water powder washing copper", and can improve the quality of recycled copper, and can recycle plastics to achieve the purpose of comprehensive utilization. The effective separation of metal (copper) and non-metal (plastic skin) has always been a top priority in the later stage of the home appliance dismantling project.

Small Cable Wire Granulator

SUNY GROUP produces a new type of dry copper rice machine without distinguishing the recycled waste lines, but can be directly put into the equipment for crushing and separation. It is an environmentally friendly equipment. As more and more waste wires are generated in people’s daily life, how to recycle these waste miscellaneous wires has become an important issue. The disposal method in many places is to manually pull the metal out of the miscellaneous wires, which is not only a waste The labor force is also very low. The new type of dry copper rice machine produced by our factory has produced a high-efficiency and labor-saving copper rice machine based on the principle of specific gravity separation, which can completely change the problem of recycling waste wires.

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