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What are the uses of copper-nickel alloys?


When refining copper, copper, zinc and iron will lose electrons and become ions into the solution. At this time, the silver and gold will have no attachments and will scatter along with the loss of other substances. They will enter the solution in the form of broken solid particles and settle at the bottom. , In the cathode, the electron power of Zn and Fe is not as good as that of copper, so it does not generate elemental matter and stays in the solution. For this reason, the percentage of copper ions in the solution is getting less and less, and it takes a certain time to replace The dissolution of blister copper in copper sulfate solution is a purely electrolytic mechanism, as are other substances, and has no direct relationship with the reaction with copper sulfate.

Copper Electrolysis Machine

Among copper alloys, cupronickel has excellent corrosion resistance and is easy to shape, process and weld. It is widely used as corrosion-resistant structural parts in shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical, construction, electric power, precision instruments, medical equipment, musical instruments and other sectors. . Some cupronickel has special electrical properties, which can be used to make resistance elements, thermocouple materials and compensation wires. Non-industrial cupronickel is mainly used to make decorative crafts.

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