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How to reduce copper loss rate


With social development and progress and people's awareness of environmental protection, resource recycling has gradually become a hot topic now. With the demolition and refurbishment of houses every year, the number of waste wires, car scrap wires, household wires, earphone wires, etc. also increase. Waste wires contain a lot of high-quality pure copper. The emergence of Cable Wire Recycling Machines can not only solve the pollution problem, but also create huge wealth for people. Therefore, the recycling of used wires has gradually become a popular recycling business.

Copper Wire Recycling Machine

The common Cable Wire Recycling Machine on the market uses air-flow sorting. If you want to achieve a relatively high sorting rate, you can add an electrostatic sorter on the basis of the air-flow sorting. The crushed copper rice and plastic mixture are due to specific gravity. The difference is that most of the copper rice is recovered by the air separator, and some relatively small copper rice particles enter the electrostatic separation equipment together with the plastic. Due to the difference in the conductivity of the two materials, some comparisons are made under the action of the high-voltage electrostatic field. Small copper rice particles are separated from the residue. If the customer’s output is relatively large and the initial cost of electrostatic separation is large, but after the air flow separation and then the electrostatic separation, the recovered copper particles are also a considerable income. The advantages of the dry Cable Wire Recycling Machine are obvious, mainly reflected in the low operating cost, reasonable price, convenient maintenance, etc. The equipment is cost-effective, and it has been well received by users once it is launched. In addition to being an advanced separation and processing equipment for waste wires and cables, the dry-type Cable Wire Recycling Machine can also solve the problem of environmental pollution, and can also bring a lot of income to our customers, which can be described as multi-purpose.

Nowadays, environmental protection issues are at stake, and the recycling of waste wires and cables is bound to receive widespread attention. The fully automatic high-efficiency Cable Wire Recycling Machine is a relatively successful equipment in processing waste wires and cables, and will occupy most of the business opportunities. Our SUNY GROUP has advantages in technology and after-sales service that other companies do not have in terms of electronic waste recycling equipment, so that all customers can buy and use with peace of mind. If you have relevant equipment requirements, please contact us.

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