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Circuit board separation and environmental protection equipment metal recovery rate as high as 99%


Circuit board separation and recycling equipment is a newly launched environmentally friendly product. Asia-Pacific Environmental Protection Company adheres to the business philosophy of "committed to environmental protection and benefits mankind" and the purpose of "stressing integrity and quality", and dedicated to providing good services to our customers! Circuit board separation and recycling The equipment is a high-tech product. The circuit board separation and recycling equipment uses a purely physical method to separate the metal and non-metal in the circuit board and the circuit board. It is a new type of scientific and technological environmental protection equipment.

Circuit Board Recycling Machine

The successful development of circuit board separation and recycling equipment not only improves the quality of recycled copper, but also prevents secondary pollution. After separation and sorting equipment, the recovery rate of copper in waste circuit boards is as high as 99%.

The method of recycling and reusing the circuit board separation and recycling equipment is physically broken and environmental pollution is small. After physical and mechanical treatment, including crushing and sorting. The discarded circuit boards are first broken by the coarse crusher and then enter the fine crusher for crushing, and then the ferromagnetic materials are separated by the magnetic separator, and then the separation accuracy is achieved by electrostatic separation. The electrostatic separation is green and environmentally friendly, and will not cause any secondary Pollution. If you are interested in investing in circuit board separation and recycling equipment, you can contact us at any time to serve you wholeheartedly.

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