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The physical separation technology of mobile phone soft pack lithium battery processing equipment is becoming more mature


Mobile phone soft-pack lithium battery processing equipment belongs to a series of products in the production line of lithium battery recycling and processing equipment. Since the shell materials of mobile phones and soft-pack lithium batteries are the same, the physical separation technology for these two materials has become more mature. , I have to say, especially the development of the lithium battery recycling industry in the past five years is even more extraordinary. In terms of technology research and development and innovation of lithium battery processing equipment, it is even more urgent to save the waste of lithium battery resources and fully recover the valuable metals in lithium batteries. The current lithium battery processing equipment technology has been modernized.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Regarding the advanced level of lithium battery processing equipment, there is no too much worry. As the leader of waste lithium battery processing equipment, our company has independent research and development patented technology and advanced technology. We believe that as long as the waste lithium battery and new energy lithium Continuous improvement in battery dismantling and processing, achieving the ultimate degree of automation, and using one-key start, remote control monitoring system, and warning system to complete various aspects, and provide cost-effective lithium battery processing equipment with integrity and honesty , It will be able to develop further in the longer term.

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