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Waste wire processing equipment can crush different wire diameters at the same time


Waste wire processing equipment not only has the characteristics of high recycling rate, but also has the advantages of novel structure, convenient installation, simple operation and saving production electricity costs. In addition, the waste wire processing equipment can crush different wire diameters at the same time without being separated, and the separation effect is excellent. The copper-plastic separation can reach more than 98%, and it is equipped with a special dust collection system to achieve no dust and no pollution.

Copper Wire Recycling Machine

The waste wire processing equipment is installed and fixed on a base for convenient transportation. After the customer buys it, it can be produced after connecting to the main line. It has good stability and high output. The recycled copper rice basically meets the standard of bright copper. It is the best alternative equipment for the water shaker copper rice machine. Plastics and copper can be reused separately, thus achieving the effect and purpose of comprehensive utilization. With the increasing depletion of copper resources, the recycling of copper-containing wires has attracted widespread attention. This is not only because of its high reuse value, the use of waste wire processing equipment, but more importantly, people are paying more and more attention to environmental issues, thereby strengthening the recycling of scrap copper.

Discarded cables and wires can be seen everywhere in the country. Our waste wire and cable reuse treatment equipment not only adds usable metal resources to the machinery manufacturing industry, but also helps the society protect the environment. It can be called two birds with one stone. At present, all kinds of metal materials are non-renewable resources, and copper is an important raw material of the national economy. The reuse of waste wires and cables is even more urgent. Welcome everyone to visit our company, test the machine, and learn more!

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