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The scrap tire crusher produced by SUNY GROUP adopts a sheet-shaped knife structure between claw knives and flat knives, which is suitable for crushing all rubber products such as ordinary waste rubber, waste tires, leftover materials and electric vehicle tires. The general-purpose tire crusher adopts sealed bearings to keep the bearing rotating well for a long time; the design of the knife shape is reasonable, and the product is evenly granulated; the knife seat is heat treated and the appearance design is beautiful and generous. The all-steel welded base is sturdy and durable. The blade is easy to disassemble design, easy to replace, durable. Crush all kinds of soft and hard rubber easily. Different screen meshes can be selected to determine the size of the required material particles.

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

The scrap tire crusher uses high-quality alloy steel to make blades, which is suitable for rough crushing of various rubber materials with different hardness and materials. The basic principle is: the material is crushed by the rotation of the movable knife and the fixed knife to form a shear. The finished product particles are controlled by the screen. As long as the screen is changed, the required finished particles can be obtained. The machine is equipped with a dust removal mechanism to ensure For the quality of the crushed materials, we can also design and manufacture corresponding models according to the needs of users.

Through continuous improvement and optimization and updating with reference to relevant domestic and foreign technologies, SUNY GROUP has created a waste tire crusher equipment with strong performance, high stability, high productivity, low energy consumption, and pollution-free. The successfully developed tire crusher has a high degree of automation. The high production efficiency enables customers to use large-diameter tires economically and effectively, without cutting and disassembling, and directly shredding, which has brought great benefits to the entire society.

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