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Aluminium-plastic medicine board separation and recycling equipment


Aluminium-plastic medicine board is the waste, defective product packaging and leftover materials produced by pharmaceutical factories or medical institutions. There are single-sided aluminum medicine boards and double-sided aluminum medicine boards. The aluminum content of single-sided aluminum-plastic medicine board is generally 10-12%, and the aluminum content of double-sided aluminum is higher. Plastics are generally made of PVC, but also PP. The aluminum-plastic medicine board separator is a set of technological processes that decompose these waste materials into aluminum and plastic. Aluminum can be made into aerated aluminum powder paste, firework powder, etc., plastic can be processed into sheets, made into PVC and other materials. There are three methods commonly used in China to separate aluminum-plastic medical boards:

Aluminum Plastic Separator

1. Water and chemical separation method. The whole process needs water, the decomposition process needs heating, waste water discharges and waste smoke are generated, which pollutes the environment, and the environmental protection is hit hard. The separated aluminum is not clean and will be polluted and oxidized due to moisture. The activity of aluminum is not as high as that of dry separation. The price of aluminum is lower than 500-1000 yuan/ton. The plastic has a whitish appearance, because it is cleaned with water throughout the process, and the appearance is beautiful. The country's crackdown on environmental pollution is increasing, and this separation method is being eliminated because it is not good for environmental protection.

2. Electric heating dry separation method. This method does not need to divide the medicinal board fine powder into small particles, and the whole piece enters the electric heating separator to separate into a mixture of aluminum and plastic. However, the loss of aluminum is relatively large. Due to the softening of the plastic by dry heating, a small part of the aluminum powder will stick to the plastic (aluminum loss is 2-3%) and will be lost during the plastic purification process. The color of plastic will be dark due to dry electric heating, but the quality of the plastic will not be affected. PVC sheets, PVC seedling throwing trays and other products can be produced. Since aluminum is separated in a dry manner, the quality of aluminum will not be affected, and the activity is high. After the electrostatic separator is purified and separated residual plastic particles (the plastic is also partially lost), high-value aluminum powder is obtained.

3. The method of separating the aluminum-plastic medicine board by the electrostatic separator. Due to the high degree of automation of the whole process, saving time and labor, the whole process mainly uses electricity, does not require chemical medicine, does not require heating, and has no impact on the environment. This separation method has been promoted and popularized. After the sorted plastics are purified, the quality and color will not change. The plastics are fine particles and can be directly processed into plastic products. The loss of aluminum is very low. More than 99.9% of the aluminum is extracted, and the activity of the aluminum is not affected. The aluminum particles can be directly processed into industrial aluminum powder such as aerated aluminum powder paste and aluminum powder for fireworks.

The aluminum-plastic medical board separation equipment produced by our company is a device that can completely separate the aluminum-plastic composite medical board material into aluminum and plastic. The use of complete dry physical separation does not cause secondary environmental pollution, and has good social and economic benefits.

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