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Recycling of waste aluminum resources of aluminum-plastic separator


The aluminum-plastic separator is a professional production line for separating waste aluminum-plastic products. There are many types of aluminum-plastic separators, such as: medical plate aluminum-plastic separator, aluminum-plastic plate aluminum-plastic separator, cable sheath aluminum-plastic separator, Wahaha bottle cap aluminum-plastic separator, aluminum-plastic can aluminum-plastic separator, electrostatic Various physical separation equipment such as aluminum-plastic separator, flexible packaging aluminum-plastic separator, circuit board aluminum-plastic separator, etc. Waste aluminum-plastic products are directly produced using aluminum-plastic separators, which can quickly separate aluminum and plastic.

Aluminum Plastic Separator

The aluminum-plastic separator realizes the recycling and reuse of waste aluminum-plastic products through crushing and sorting. The whole process has a high degree of automation, saving time and labor. The whole process mainly uses electricity, no chemical medicine or heating, and has no impact on the environment. After the sorted plastics are purified, the quality and color will not change. The plastics are fine particles and can be directly processed into plastic products.

You should have never heard of the aluminum-plastic separator before. The aluminum-plastic products are directly incinerated without special treatment, and the aluminum and plastics are not reused. At present, with the scarcity of resources, environmental protection is strictly investigated. The separator came into being. The aluminum-plastic separator is a special equipment for separating aluminum and plastic. It uses electrostatic separation equipment to separate aluminum and plastic, and those that do not meet the requirements are returned to the mill for pulverization. In this way, the recycling process can be Aluminum and plastic are completely separated, and it can reach more than 99% at present, which will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

Aluminum-plastic separator environmentally friendly separation of aluminum-plastic products: through coarse crushing, fine crushing, and electrostatic separation to complete the dissociation of aluminum powder and plastic, the crushed materials form a mixture of aluminum-plastic powder, and enter the specific gravity separator to remove most of the aluminum The powder is extracted, and the aluminum powder from the specific gravity separator contains a small amount of plastic fiber powder (about 2-5% content), and then enters the electrostatic separation equipment to extract the remaining fine metal. Due to various waste aluminum and plastic products There are many raw materials, and the metal separation purity through high-voltage electrostatic separation equipment is above 99%, which can achieve a large aluminum powder recovery rate.

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