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E-waste gold extraction equipment is very helpful to reduce environmental pollution


Every year, more and more electronic waste becomes a new threat to the environment. In this digital age, who has ever noticed circuit boards? Every year countless electronic products are scrapped. The resulting circuit board recycling is also a problem. Most of the methods on the market are through open burning, strong pickling of gold and other soil methods. Although metals can be extracted from them, the waste gas and liquid produced will cause secondary pollution to the atmosphere, soil, and water. In order to solve this problem, we have Years of research and production of e-waste gold extraction equipment, this equipment can not only use waste, but also reduce environmental pollution.

Circuit Board Recycling Machine

The electronic waste gold extraction equipment uses a dry physical mechanical process to crush the waste circuit boards through the coarse crusher and enter the fine crusher for crushing, and then the ferromagnetic materials are separated by the magnetic separator and separated by the high-frequency pneumatic separator. Select non-metals and copper and other metals, and finally use electrostatic separation to achieve the sorting accuracy. The rapid elimination of electronic products poses a threat to the environment. If not handled scientifically, it will not only cause serious pollution to the environment, but also a great waste of resources. E-waste gold extraction equipment has played an important role in e-waste extraction of metals with scientific technology, and promoted resource regeneration.

The e-waste gold extraction equipment has created a new situation in the development of e-waste recycling, truly realized the recycling of resources, turned waste into treasure, and created good economic and social benefits.

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