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The principle of copper-plastic separation of Cable Wire Recycling Machine


The Cable Wire Recycling Machine is a device specially developed for recycling waste wires and cables. It is mainly used to crush and siev the copper and plastic in the waste cable, so as to facilitate the later recovery of the copper and plastic in the waste cable. The Cable Wire Recycling Machine can not only effectively dispose of waste cables, but also has a good recycling effect for waste car cables, waste home lighting cables, and waste telephone lines.

Cable Wire Recycling Machine
Cable Wire Recycling Machine

The principle of crushing and separating waste wires and cables by the Cable Wire Recycling Machine:

1. The waste wires and cables enter the crusher to be crushed into small pieces of particles, and then the crushed copper particles and plastic skin are transported to the vibrating screen by the conveyor.

2. The vibrating sieve bed uses the principle of airflow sorting to screen copper and plastic.

3. According to the density of copper particles and plastic skins, the difference between the proportions of the two is used to separate copper and plastic.

The Cable Wire Recycling Machine equipment adopts an integral combined structure, an integrated design, a compact structure, a small area, and convenient movement and transportation, which increases the flexibility of the equipment and saves more space for users. At the same time, the Cable Wire Recycling Machine will not produce waste water during the separation and recycling process, and the generated dust will also be collected uniformly. Therefore, the Cable Wire Recycling Machine can not only use resources rationally, but also effectively solve the problem of environmental pollution.

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