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Resource utilization of waste tires

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In addition to strength, the most valuable indicators of rubber application are dynamic performance and abrasion resistance. It is necessary to comprehensively evaluate the rationality of traditional recycled rubber standards, remove falsehood and seek truth, and promote the upgrade of raw materials and equipment for the waste rubber resource. Renewal and promote the environmental protection application of recycled rubber.

Resource utilization of waste tires

Attaching importance to the development and application of waste rubber is the driving force behind resource utilization. Taking the application of rubber powder in road asphalt as an example, asphalt roads are considered to be the most potential market for rubber powder to break through a large number of applications: these waste rubber materials are transformed into new asphalt materials with bonding function and stability, while making up for the original The shortcomings of the aging resistance and low temperature performance of petroleum asphalt materials have important social and economic values.

Finally, we must strengthen the resource utilization of waste car tires. Because car tires are mainly synthetic rubber, which is recycled rubber, and contains fibers. Finding a way for large-scale pollution-free applications for waste car tires, reducing environmental pressure, is conducive to controlling the market for refined oil products, and is also beneficial to the rational use of rubber resources.

Waste Tire Recycling Machine
Waste Tire Recycling Machine

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