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How to recycle waste wires?

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Waste wires are very common in our daily life, such as broken charging wires, charging plugs, waste wires removed during decoration, wires that are not used after aging, etc. Although these waste wires will be recycled by some people, you know that How to reuse it?

Waste wire

The most common method is to separate the copper in the waste wires collected at a low price. The pure copper obtained can be sold at a higher price. Many waste wire recycling plants use this method to earn the middle The spread.

Waste wire-copper

Way of separating waste wires:

1. Manual peeling method, manual peeling one by one, is not only inefficient, but also costly.

2. Incineration with fire, the outer plastic skin is directly burned to obtain copper. This method was used more early, but on the one hand, high temperature will cause copper oxidation, reduce copper recovery rate, and also cause environmental pollution. Very big. So this method is basically non-existent now.

3. Chemical method, which uses chemical principles to decompose waste electrical wires, but the waste decomposition solution produced will also pollute the environment.

4. The freezing method uses liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant to make the waste wires brittle at low temperature, and then further beats and crushes to remove the plastic outside. Although this method is more environmentally friendly, the cost is also too high.

5. Physical separation method, using a crusher to pulverize and peel waste electrical wires, and then screen them in an air sieve according to the specific gravity of plastic and copper. The copper wire recycling machines produced by some manufacturers can recycle water for separation, and the effect is also possible, but it can only reduce pollution to a certain extent.), While obtaining pure copper particles and plastic skin particles, pulse dedusting equipment can be added at the same time To eliminate pollution caused during the production process.

copper wire recycling machine

Let's take a look at the working flow chart of using copper crusher:

Working flow chart of copper wire recycling machine

Of course, not all waste wires should be treated with copper wire recycling machines. Generally, the waste wires of copper wire recycling machines are in the range of 0.3 mm Φ 20 mm wires, such as automobile wires or car bottom wires, motorcycle wires, computer wires and communication cables. Wait. For some larger wires, strippers can be used.

copper wire recycling machines

The wire stripping machine is relatively inefficient and requires manual operation, but it can be applied to some more special waste wires, such as cables, which can generally be processed under 100mm in diameter.

Special wire and cable processing

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