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Method for adjusting electrostatic sorter

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First, check

1. Corona wire, open the observation window, check whether the corona wire is normal, the corona wire is required to be not broken, and at the same time there is no loosening;

2. Drive belt, open the side door and observe the tension of the drive belt. If the belt is loose, you need to adjust the tensioner to make the belt tight.

3. Insulation baffle. The optimal distance from the roller to the rolling roller is 6cm for most materials. According to the customer's own material, adjust the distance. Generally, the angle of the insulation baffle can be adjusted once for the same batch of materials. ;

4. The distance of the power grid is measured with a tape measure on the front observation window of the device. The first optimal distance for most materials is 16cm, and the distance is adjusted according to the situation of its own materials.

Second, start up

1. Start the static generator. Under the common distance of 16cm from the grid, the voltage can be adjusted to 80-85.

Common voltage regulation table

Distance between insulation baffle and rolling roller

15cm 65-70

16cm 80-85

17cm 90-100

2. Start the rolling roller. The initial starting speed is 300-400. It can be adjusted according to the material.

3. Start the vibration motor in sequence-the air closer motor-the feed fan

Third, the equipment is closed

The shutdown sequence is the fan lifter-air closer-vibration motor-rolling roller-high voltage electrostatic generator

If you need to adjust the electrostatic net immediately after shutdown, you need to discharge it manually or stand still for 3-5 minutes, and wait for the device to discharge naturally.

Aluminum Plastic Separator

Aluminum Plastic Separator

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