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How does the waste tire recycling production line work?

2022-03-17 14:52:14

The processing stage of the waste tire processing equipment production line for processing waste tires equipment, with the processing technology of rubber, steel wire and fiber as the main purpose, the waste tires are cut and crushed for reprocessing. The value of benefits, Riseke Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. realizes that this is a road for recycling solid waste recycling, which can realize the value of waste tires and rubber.

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Waste tires and waste rubber materials pile up pollution is not as good as turning waste into treasure, but it is better to use it to invest to generate value benefits. With waste tire processing equipment in the stable development stage of investment, the domestic market is suitable for waste tire processing equipment projects. Investment, in the relevant In the field of rubber and waste tire recycling, the physical shredding and crushing technology is used to shred and reprocess waste tires. Mainly, it can grind tires, wire tires, steel tires and various waste rubber products or scraps to make it into rubber powder with 20-60 mesh or 1-6mm particle mesh.

With the continuous production process of waste tire processing equipment, the main green waste tire processing equipment is more meaningful for recycling. The green way of crushing, shearing and smashing and wire separation realizes the environmental protection processing technology.

The product equipment line ending with waste tire processing equipment, circuit board recycling equipment, aluminum-plastic separation equipment, copper rice machine, plastic crusher, plastic cleaning equipment, and lithium battery recycling equipment, realizes the green water and green mountains of waste rubber, tires, recycling The economic value of materials and other products realizes the sustainable development of economy, society and environmental protection culture. The waste tire processing equipment of SUNY GROUP processing waste tire processing equipment is remarkable and has the value of continuous research and promotion.

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