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How to recycle aluminum-plastic film materials such as milk cartons?

2022-01-21 11:07:11

Aluminum-plastic composite materials include hard and soft aluminum-plastic composites, aluminum-plastic Complex. Different from aluminum-plastic composite materials, using special separation equipment and separation process will bring you better economic benefits.

Aluminum Plastic Separator

Aluminum-plastic panels (submerged plastics), aluminum-plastic medicine panels, aluminum-plastic powder, and aluminum-plastic lathe shavings can be separated by crushing and electrostatic separation to achieve the decomposition and separation of aluminum and plastic. Due to the high degree of automation of the whole process, it saves time and labor. The whole process mainly uses electricity, no chemicals, no heating, and no impact on the environment. After the sorted plastic is purified, the quality and color will not change. The plastic is in the form of fine particles and can be directly processed to manufacture plastic products. The loss of aluminum is very low, more than 99.9% of aluminum is extracted, and the activity of aluminum is not affected. Aluminum particles can be directly processed into aerated aluminum powder paste, aluminum powder for fireworks and other industrial aluminum powders.

Aluminum-plastic panels (floating plastics), aluminum-plastic pipes (PE aluminum-plastic composite pipes or PPR/PE aluminum-plastic composite pipes), and aluminum-plastic cable sheaths can be decomposed and separated by direct crushing (1-2 cm) specially designed by our company. Process to achieve the separation of aluminum and floating plastic.

Aluminum-plastic flexible packaging materials include toothpaste skins, food packaging bags, electronic packaging bags, etc. This aluminum-plastic composite material has a low melting point because the aluminum foil is very thin, the plastic is basically made of PE, PET or PA, and the melting point is low. Low yield and low economic benefits). A water splitting process is recommended. Therefore, the separation process of aluminum-plastic flexible packaging specially designed by our company can realize the decomposition and separation of aluminum-plastic flexible packaging on the basis of all water recycling.

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