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Can circuit board gold extraction equipment really extract gold?

2022-04-11 14:58:24

Gold extraction from waste circuit boards is very popular in recent years. There is a saying "Today's garbage is tomorrow's mines". Our company specializes in producing such a set of waste circuit board gold extraction equipment, which just verifies this sentence. Let professionals tell you how the circuit board gold extraction equipment extracts gold.

With the popularization of electronic products in various fields, especially the replacement of electronic products such as mobile phones, computers and TV sets, a large amount of electronic waste is generated. According to --- in electronic waste, the gold content of discarded electronic equipment per ton is 17 times that of gold mines, and the copper content of computer circuit board gold extraction equipment is 40 times that of copper mines. The world produces hundreds of millions of tons of electronic waste every year, like a huge "urban mine". The circuit boards of scrap mobile phones have the highest gold content. According to a United Nations report, metals such as copper, cobalt, silver and gold in a mobile phone account for 23% of its weight. About 130 kilograms of copper, 2 kilograms of silver, 0.4 kilograms of gold and 80 grams of palladium can be separated from 1 ton of waste mobile phone circuit boards.

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Process flow of gold extraction equipment for waste circuit boards:

The waste circuit board gold extraction equipment is used to sort and refine precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum from electronic waste containing precious metal chip components and anode slimes. Chips, north-south bridges, storage chips, integrated circuits, and plastic-encapsulated field effects that cannot be returned after dismantling are the components that have the highest amount of gold and silver in the components and are in line with unified treatment, and can be used for baking with ozone (ozone can completely destroy the components formed by combustion. Harmful flue gas), the roasting slag adopts solvent carrier, leaching copper, lead tin, hydrochloric acid medium to extract gold, platinum and palladium, and extract gold, platinum and palladium. For chip capacitors with high silver and palladium content, silver and palladium are independently extracted by acid method. For gold-plated circuit boards and plug-ins, it is recommended to use fluorine-free environmental protection gold stripping agent to quickly strip and extract gold.

For silver- and palladium-containing acoustic surfaces, metal-encapsulated triodes, and integrated circuits, use a special cutting machine to cut off the metal shell and punch out the chip, and then extract valuable metals according to the chip and integrated circuit scheme. After crushing, metal aluminum is directly smelted. For Zener diodes, some varactor diodes, other glass-sealed components, and plastic-sealed luminous tubes, valuable metals are extracted after being crushed. Electrolytic copper is produced, palladium-containing circuit boards (double-sided circuit boards basically contain palladium, and palladium is used as a copper-plated substrate and contained in the conducting holes used as wires), and then palladium is leached with acid, and then palladium is extracted and extracted.

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