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What is the principle of blister copper electrolytic refined copper

2022-01-24 18:30:16

The product of copper pyrorefining is blister copper with copper content of 99.0% to 99.6%. Due to its low purity, it cannot meet the requirements of industrialization. Therefore, it must be electrolytically refined to remove impurities that are difficult to remove in pyrorefining. The pure copper sheet is used as the cathode, the cathode and anode are placed in the electrolytic cell, and the aqueous solution of sulfuric acid and copper sulfate is used as the electrolyte. Under the action of direct current, the copper on the anode dissolves and enters the solution, while the copper in the solution is on the cathode. Precipitate.

Copper Electrolysis Machine

In this process, the metal with negative potential than copper on the anode enters the solution, but cannot be precipitated on the cathode, and remains in the electrolyte to be removed during the purification process of the electrolyte; noble metals and some metals have a higher potential than copper dissolution potential due to their positive potential It is insoluble and precipitates at the bottom of the tank to become anode slime. In this way, the metal copper precipitated on the cathode is of high purity, which is called cathode copper or electric copper. The copper electrolytic refining process has been applied in industry for the first time since 1896, and has a history of 140 years. During this period, although the basic principle has not changed, it has not changed in terms of technical equipment level, production scale, copper quality, and energy consumption reduction huge progress. In the electrolysis workshop, depending on the production scale, there are usually hundreds or thousands of electrolysis cells. In the workshop, the cells are placed in parallel with each other. In each cell, the single-piece anode and the anode are connected in parallel, and the single-piece cathode is connected in parallel. It is connected in parallel with the cathode, and the direct current between the tank and the tank is connected in series. The cathode and anode of the entire electrolysis workshop are charged, but because the tank voltage is not high (0.3 volts), it will not cause harm to the human body.

The electrolyte in the electrolytic cell is in constant circulation, about once every 2 to 3 hours. During the electrolyte circulation process, a heating device is also provided to ensure a constant temperature of the electrolyte.

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