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What equipment is needed for circuit board disassembly?

2022-09-21 15:39:33

Generally speaking, circuit board disassembly requires electronic component dismantling machines and circuit board crushing and recycling equipment. You may not know the purpose and difference of these two devices, today SUNY GROUP will explain in detail.

Waste circuit board dismantling machine

Lithium battery recycling flow chart

The electronic component disassembly machine refers to the melting of the tin metal that fixes the electronic components on the circuit board through high temperature and rotation, and the two are separated by rolling to achieve the purpose of disassembling the electronic components. So why dismantle electronic components? First, electronic components and tin metal can be sold separately. Second, electronic components contain iron. If they enter the circuit board crushing and recycling equipment, the price of the product - mixed metal powder will be reduced.

Circuit board crushing and recycling equipment refers to the recycling of various waste circuit boards on the market through crushing and sorting, and can also be used to destroy the data in the circuit boards. Compared with the electronic component dismantling machine, the circuit board crushing and recycling equipment is more versatile, and can directly crush the circuit board, with or without electronic components. Moreover, the sorted products are resin fibers and mixed metal powders, both of which can be sold directly or processed again, with high yields.

The electronic component dismantling machine and circuit board crushing and recycling equipment produced by SUNY GROUP are new environmental protection equipment developed after years of technical research and development, with high work efficiency, welcome to contact us for consultation.

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