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Waste tire wire separator

2022-05-14 15:07:09

In the recycling and processing of waste tires, a waste tire wire separator is needed. The waste tire wire separator is also called a tire shredder. It is very important to take out the steel wire inside the tire, because the price of each ton of steel wire reaches 4,000 meters. Two kinds of equipment, a tire rubber powder production line mainly used to make rubber powder, mainly a rubber breaker, which crushes and processes the tires into 10-40 mesh fineness rubber powder by physical grinding for reclaimed rubber. , waterproof membrane, etc. Another way is to process the tires into particles within 5mm by knife cutting and crushing, which can also separate the steel wire from the rubber, so the crushing of waste tires is only a broad term, not just a simple piece of equipment That's it.

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

1. A very practical method and method for the recycling of waste tires, which uses a wide range of material processing equipment for waste tire processing.

2. Solutions and methods for waste tires and waste rubber materials, providing a variety of models and capacity options, available from 200kg/h-2000kg/h capacity options.

3. After the previous processing of the ring steel wire, the resale of the steel wire belongs to the profit source of the waste tire processing equipment.

Whether it is tires, rubber, scraps and other waste tire materials such as crushing, grinding, or processing into granules and rubber powder, the waste tire wire separator has excellent quality.

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