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Tire crushing recycling equipment

2022-06-18 15:19:45

With the substantial increase in car ownership, a large number of waste tires need to be disposed of urgently every year, and the production volume of waste tires will increase. According to relevant data, my country produces more than 100 million waste tires every year.

The steel wire, nylon and rubber contained in waste tires can be recycled after being processed by waste tire processing equipment. Steel wire can be re-melted and is an important raw material for hardware products. Nylon and rubber can be made into corresponding industrial products, which are widely used in the plastics industry, building materials industry, and road paving.

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Scrap tires have many uses. Scrap tires can be granulated or ground. Particles can be used as filling materials for sports venues such as running tracks, basketball courts, and football fields; rubber powder can be made into reclaimed rubber, speed bumps, waterproof membranes and other products. Waste tires can be recycled and reused reasonably through waste tire processing equipment, turning waste into treasure.

Through waste tires, the tires can be cut, smashed, granulated, ground into rubber powder, and the tire wires can be separated. According to the current market situation, the demand is large and the market is broad. It can also turn waste into treasure, save energy and resources, and improve the ecological environment for human survival.

To sum up, the project of waste tire treatment equipment for waste tire treatment has broad prospects and is in line with the path of green and sustainable development.

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