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Tire crusher grinding machine production line

2022-05-31 15:27:46

The tire shredder is not a piece of equipment, but consists of automatic wire drawing machines, conveying equipment, tire shredders, wire separators, magnetic separators, rubber granulators, vibrating screens, fiber separators, and secondary screening machines. It is mainly used to smash waste tires, wire tires, steel wire tires and other waste tires to make them into granules or rubber powder, and obtain resources again. Optimize and utilize.

l The tire shredder first processes the bezel steel wire by the bezel steel wire processing equipment, and then processes the tire into a block by the tire smashing equipment. Rubber granulator, crushing the rubber granules to a smaller size, after passing through a vibrating screen: sorting rubber granules of different sizes, and sending the oversized granules back to the crusher for secondary crushing, and then a fiber separator to remove foreign matter and fibers .

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

How much is the waste tire crushing production equipment? The price of equipment is not reported to customers casually. The original intention of Wei Ruide Machinery is to solve problems for users. How to make a blind quotation, the output of the equipment, the size of the material and other factors affect the progress of the project and have an impact on both parties.

Basis 1: Materials to be crushed: including size, ingredients, etc.

According to two: output requirements (how many tons of crushing output per hour do you want to reach?)

According to three: the size of the crushed material (the size of the material after crushing)

Waste tire crushing production equipment is also divided into models. Different models have different output, discharge size, crushing cavity, etc., and prices will naturally have certain differences. Therefore, users are purchasing waste tire crushing production equipment. When it is necessary to select the appropriate model size according to the nature of the material.

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