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Method for recycling and reusing scrap lead-acid batteries

2021-12-28 14:23:22

Lead-acid batteries are widely used and can provide power for various products. At present, the electric bicycles that are vigorously promoted as smoke-free vehicles basically use lead-acid batteries to provide walking power. However, lead-acid batteries are prone to "secondary pollution", which makes the development of this new type of transportation tool quite condemned.

Lead-acid batteries are composed of positive and negative plates, separators, shells, electrolyte, and terminal posts. The chemical reaction of its discharge is based on the active materials of the positive plate (lead dioxide and lead) and the active materials of the negative plate (sponge-like pure Lead) is carried out under the action of electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid solution), in which the grid of the electrode plate is made of lead-antimony alloy in the traditional battery, and the maintenance-free battery is made of lead-calcium alloy.

Lead Battery Recycling Machine

So how to recycle and reuse scrap lead-acid batteries? Battery dismantling machine is a device for dismantling scrap batteries. The battery cover can be cut, the battery shell is cut neatly, the battery lead and the battery shell are separated, and the battery cover, battery shell and lead block are output separately.

Principle: The used battery enters the body, the propulsion system pushes the battery into the position to be cut, and drives the cutting head to accurately cut off the upper cover of the used storage battery. The cutting head can be adjusted, and the propulsion system pushes the next battery forward again and pushes it up. A battery advances, and then the vibrating motor works quickly to shake out the lead core in the battery shell, and the shell core is thus disassembled and separated.


1. Simple structure, affordable price, high degree of automation, labor-saving, power-saving, time-saving, energy-saving and easy to use, simple and easy to learn, can automatically and continuously remove the cover of used batteries and take out the lead.

2. The machine is small in size, occupies a small area and low installation cost.

3. Installation and maintenance Customers order our battery dismantling machine, the machine is installed and debugged before leaving the factory, so after you receive the machine, you can operate it yourself by looking at our manual.

4. For maintenance, the vulnerable part of the battery dismantling machine is the blade. The blade can be replaced. The blade can be replaced in time during the use process, which can better reduce the loss of the machine.

In addition, the disassembled lead block can be smelted in a cupola to obtain lead ingots with a purity of more than 97%. These lead ingots can be sold directly, and the disassembled plastic shell can be crushed by a crusher to obtain plastic block particles. Was reused.

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