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Lithium-ion batteries recycle plant Lithium battery pole piece processing

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Lithium-ion battery materials mainly include positive electrode materials, negative electrode materials, separators, electrolytes, aluminum platinum, copper foil, binders, and so on. Among them, the cathode material accounts for about 33% of the total cost, and the anode material accounts for 10%; the electrolyte and the separator account for about 12% and 30% of the cost, respectively. The cobalt and lithium that need to be reclaimed in lithium-ion batteries happen to be mainly concentrated on the positive electrode material cobalt-lithium film. The recycling of waste lithium batteries and their waste materials can not only prevent the shortage of cobalt, lithium and other resources, protect the ecological environment, but also be an effective way to save resources. The aluminum foil and copper foil as the current collector of the positive and negative electrodes are also very valuable for recycling.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

The utility model relates to the field of waste battery treatment, in particular to a new type of lithium battery treatment equipment, including shredders, crushers, magnetic separators, crushers, analyzers, sorting devices, shunt valves, collectors I, aggregates Collector Ⅲ, pulse dust collector Ⅰ, pulse dust collector Ⅱ, pulse dust collector Ⅲ, high pressure fan Ⅰ, high pressure fan Ⅱ, high pressure fan Ⅲ, air sorting machine Ⅰ, air sorting machine Ⅱ, air sorting Machine Ⅲ, induced draft fan Ⅰ and induced draft fan Ⅱ; the shredder and crusher, magnetic separator, pulverizer, analyzer, sorting device, diverter valve, collector Ⅰ, pulse dust collector Ⅰ and high pressure fan Ⅱ Connected in sequence; the processing system has a reasonable structure design, high purity of powdery materials recovered from lithium batteries, low pollution, high efficiency, simple and reasonable processing steps, low environmental pollution in the processing process, high recovery rate, and strong practicability.

The technical and physical methods of waste lithium battery processing equipment mainly include mechanical crushing and physical separation technology, which directly crush and sort complete waste lithium-ion batteries to obtain electrode material powder. Lithium battery processing equipment is used to process lithium-ion battery cathode materials. Lithium-ion battery anode materials are environmentally friendly equipment, mechanical and physical processes, to sort the lithium battery pole pieces into aluminum powder and lithium cobalt oxide, copper powder and Graphite powder. Lithium battery processing equipment has production lines with different output specifications, which have good processing effects on lithium battery pole pieces and high output.

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