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Introduction to the process of circuit board recycling

2022-05-25 15:04:31

Nowadays, more and more attention has been paid to environmental protection, so the recycling of wastes in the manufacturing process of circuit boards or after use is an important topic, so let's talk about some processes of circuit board recycling.

1. Whole line composition and process flow The circuit board processing and recycling production line is mainly composed of conveyor, primary crusher, secondary crusher, magnetic separator, pulverizer, sorter and other auxiliary equipment. Its process flow is shown in Figure 1. After the waste circuit boards are manually dismantled, the harmful electrical components such as batteries, transformers, etc. and reusable parts are removed, and the remaining parts are sent to the primary crusher by the scraper conveyor to crush the materials to less than 20mm. , and then sent to the secondary crusher to crush the material to less than 5mm, the iron-containing material is separated by the magnetic separator, and the remaining material is crushed to a powder of about 2mm by the crusher, so that the copper in the multi-layer machine board can be separated. , The light dust is separated first by air selection, and the material with larger specific gravity is sent to the electrostatic separator to separate and recover about 20% of non-ferrous metals (copper, etc.).

Circuit Board Recycling Machine

Circuit Board Recycling Machine

2, the key process

1 Primary crushing (condensation crushing) process

The circuit board has high hardness and good toughness: it has good bending resistance; it is mostly flat, and it is difficult to separate metal and non-metal through one crushing; it contains many kinds of substances, and the metal is entangled after dissociation, etc. . The primary crusher uses the double-roller shearing method to cut large pieces of waste circuit boards. It is mainly composed of driving body, spline shaft (tool shaft), blade, sparse plate, frame and other components. Among them, the spline shaft (knife shaft) and the blade are the key components to ensure the coarse crushing process. The PCB is crushed to 20 mm and sent to secondary crushing. The spline shaft (knife shaft) can optimize the power transmission of the blade. Through special heat treatment and 100% ultrasonic flaw detection test, the blade and spacer ring can be easily removed for easy blade replacement. The blade is made of forged high-alloy steel, which has been heat-treated and finished many times. The dredging plate is made of high wear-resistant stainless steel, which plays the role of material guiding, cleaning the blade, and preventing the material from being brought back after being broken.

2 Secondary crushing (fine crushing) process

The secondary crusher (fine crusher) is used to crush materials with a particle size of 20 mm. To ensure whether the crushed particle size meets the process requirements, it depends on the structural shape of its rotating body, moving knife, static knife, sieve plate, frame and other components. The movable knife is connected with the rotating body, and is made of special tool steel and surface-treated, which can be easily replaced and maintained. The static knife is connected to the frame, and the particle size of the crushed material is limited by adjusting the distance between the static knife and the moving knife. The sieve plate is made of wear-resistant steel plate, and the sieve holes on it can limit the granularity of the discharged material.

3 Density Screening Process

In the case of the same particle size of the materials, the materials with different densities in the mixture can be sorted out through the vibration and air separation process. The sorting is carried out in a closed cavity, so the environmental pollution is small, and the technology is mature and the sorting effect is good.

4 crusher crushing process

The pulverizer is to pulverize materials with a particle size of about 5mm into fine particles of about 2mm, so that the middle pot of the multi-layer machine board can be separated. Good early foundation. The process is roughly the same as that of the grade crusher, but its screen is finer. The number and wear resistance of moving knives and static knives are better than that of secondary crushers.

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