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How about tire pellet machine equipment?

2022-01-07 16:42:00

Tire pellet machine, tire pellet machine price, waste tire pellet machine To learn more about the pellet machine, go to the relevant tire pellet machine manufacturer column to see the tire recycling stand-alone equipment, including the configuration details, price and video information of the tire pellet machine.

The origin of the tire pellet machine was originally derived from the small rubber particles of the processed product. Because the finished rubber tire after the tire pellet machine processing is a small particle of 1-6mm, it is called tire pellets. The size of the finished product of the machine, tire pellet machine processing waste tire pellets can be customized according to user requirements.


The price of tire pellet machine:

Tire pellet machine is a welcome investment choice for investors nowadays, because tire pellets have a wide range of uses, high processing efficiency, and considerable benefits. Compared with rubber powder, the process of rubber pellets is simpler. Therefore, the tire pellet machine's The investment price is relatively low compared with tire rubber powder equipment, which is more suitable for individual users to put into production. In terms of production capacity and model, SUNY GROUP tire pellet machine is fully equipped, environmentally friendly technology meets the standard, and can be customized.

Investment in waste tire pellet machine:

For investment in rubber pellet processing equipment, it is recommended to choose from semi-automatic rubber pellet processing equipment and fully automatic rubber pellet processing equipment. SUNY GROUP provides direct sales preferential prices, and the advantage of 1-6mm (grain size controllable) has become the market welcome product.

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