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Electronic waste dismantling and recycling production line process

2022-08-08 15:18:52

Electronic waste refers to waste televisions, waste computers, used refrigerators, microwave ovens, waste mobile phones, printed circuit boards, waste batteries and other waste or electronic products that can no longer be used. Waste e-waste can be divided into two categories: one is air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators and other wastes that pollute the environment less, and the other is computers, TV picture tubes, waste batteries, printed circuit boards, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. Environmentally hazardous products.

E-waste PCB recycling process

E-waste PCB recycling process

The electronic waste crushing production line can realize the automatic separation of electronic waste through intelligent processes such as crushing, separation, sorting, dust removal, etc., which not only realizes effective crushing, but also realizes the subsequent reuse of resources, with high processing efficiency and high recovery value. Has become a well-received e-waste shredding solution in the current market.

Electronic waste PCB recycling equipment structure

Electronic waste PCB recycling equipment structure

The working principle of the e-waste shredding production line is to classify the physical properties of different materials in e-waste, including steps such as disassembly, crushing, and classification. After subsequent processing, renewable raw materials such as metals, plastics, and glass can be obtained respectively. This treatment method has the advantages of low cost, simple operation, not easy to cause secondary pollution, easy to achieve scale, etc., and is a hot spot of development in various countries.

At the same time, electronic waste is rich in gold, silver, copper and other precious metals, and its economic value is comparable to mines. After recycling, renewable resources such as copper, aluminum, plastics, and rare and precious metals can be industrially processed through specialties such as crushing, dismantling, and sorting, which have great economic value. Therefore, the use of e-waste shredding production lines to recycle and reuse e-waste has become a major trend, and more and more companies have begun to pay attention to the value of e-waste.

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