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Dismantling And Recycling Of Lead-Acid Batteries

2022-08-02 15:32:00

Lead-acid batteries are widely used and can power a variety of products. At present, the electric bicycles that have been vigorously promoted as smoke-free transportation basically use lead-acid batteries to provide walking power. However, lead-acid batteries are easy to cause "secondary pollution", but the development of this new type of transportation tool has been criticized.

The lead-acid battery is composed of positive and negative plates, separators, shells, electrolytes and terminal heads, etc. The chemical reaction of its discharge depends on the active materials of the positive plates (lead dioxide and lead) and the active materials of the negative plates (sponge Lead) is carried out under the action of the electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid solution), in which the grid of the pole plate, the traditional battery is made of lead-antimony alloy, and the maintenance-free battery is made of lead-calcium alloy.

Dismantling And Recycling Of Lead-Acid Batteries

Dismantling And Recycling Of Lead-Acid Batteries

Waste lead-acid battery recycling process:

1. The waste lead-acid batteries are transported to the smelter warehouse by special environmentally friendly vehicles;

2. Pour the electrolyte of the waste lead-acid battery into the sedimentation tank for drug treatment;

3. Disassemble the waste lead-acid battery, and send the shell to the plastic recycling plant for formal processing;

4. Sort waste lead-acid battery separators and send them to regular factories for recycling;

5. Send the sorted waste plates to a large reverberatory furnace for smelting, make lead ingots, and recycle them;

6. The waste water in the smelting process flows into the sedimentation tank, and is treated with the electrolyte together with the electrolyte;

7. The waste residue in the smelting process shall be sent to the regular iron smelting plant for processing;

8. The waste smoke in the smelting process will be safely discharged after being treated by the bag dust removal device. At this point, the environmental protection recycling process of waste lead-acid batteries is over.

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