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Scrap copper electrolytic recovery equipment, electrolytic copper production line

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Electrolytic copper, also known as copper cathode, uses copper sulfate and sulfuric acid electrolyte as electrolyte, pyrometallic copper as anode, pure copper sheet or stainless steel plate as cathode, and direct current is applied to electrolysis in an electrolytic cell. During electrolysis, under the action of DC voltage, the copper cathode chemically dissolves and dissolves into the electrolyte, and the copper ions in the electrolyte tend to the cathode and deposit on the cathode as electrolytic copper. During the electrolysis process, gold and silver, which have a higher potential than electrolytic copper, are not dissolved and sink into the yang mud. Arsenic and antimony, which are close to the electrolytic copper potential, can be dissolved into the electrolyte together with copper.

Copper Electrolysis Machine

Copper Electrolysis Machine

1. The electrolyzed copper material can be directly put into the anode frame for electrolysis without smelting.

2. No unpleasant toxic gas is produced during the electrolysis process, and the air on site is fresh.

3. The electrolytic liquid uses water-soluble acid, which has a very low acid concentration and has no direct harm to the human body.

4. The cost of electrolyzing one ton of high-purity copper plate is only a few hundred yuan, which can consume high output value.

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