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Tyre recycling processing equipment

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The SUNY GROUP tire crusher production line can recycle used tires and obtain considerable profits. Therefore, this fully automatic production line is favored by investors and has attracted people's first investment. But before the waste tires are crushed, the waste tires are decomposed into blocks through the tire sorting equipment, and then reprocessed by the mechanical sorting process. The waste steel wire tires can enter the integrated tire crushing and separation equipment together with the waste frame materials. Recycling rubber powder and steel wire separately, so as to achieve the purpose of tire crushing.

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

The whole process of the waste tire recycling and processing production line is composed of three parts: waste tire crushing equipment-waste tire decomposition machine-rubber powder screen-magnetic separation conveying system, which provides a green, New ways of recycling.

While actively and effectively solving the problems of waste car tire pollution and resource waste, the invention provides new energy, new materials and other products for the country, opens up a new way of recycling and reuse of waste tires, and greatly promotes economic development.

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