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aluminum-plastic medicine package recycling machine

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Traditional medicine plate separation method: chemical separation. (Disadvantages: chemical raw materials and water are needed, which will pollute the environment; high cost; cumbersome process; harmful to the human body. (chemical method has been eliminated) modern medicine plate separation method: direct equipment Separation and physical separation, the separated plastic PVC plastic is still in its original shape. Compared with the traditional chemical method, it does not require chemical raw materials and water; the equipment is directly separated physically and shaped and separated; environmental protection; low cost; simple process (one device only Can complete the separation of aluminum and plastic;

Aluminum Plastic Separator

Aluminum Plastic Separator

Medicine plate aluminum-plastic separator, aluminum-plastic plate aluminum-plastic separator, cable sheath aluminum-plastic separator, Wahaha bottle cap aluminum-plastic separator, aluminum-plastic can aluminum-plastic separator, electrostatic aluminum-plastic separator, flexible packaging universal aluminum-plastic separator , Circuit board aluminum-plastic separators and other physical separation equipment. [Source of raw materials for aluminum-plastic separation] Scrap aluminum plastics and waste aluminum foil plastics first come from the corner scraps of pharmaceutical factories, aluminum-plastic panel factories, food and beverage factories and other aluminum foil packaging industries. Waste flexible packaging bags, capsule plates, toothpaste skins, wahhaha bottles, etc. in the waste station. According to statistics, there are thousands of domestic enterprises that produce and use aluminum foil. Among them, only the pharmaceutical factory nationwide has tens of thousands of tons of aluminum-plastic board scraps each year.

[Deep processing after separation of aluminum and plastic] After the waste aluminum foil and waste aluminum foil plastics enter the factory, they can be directly produced by the aluminum-plastic separator, which can completely separate the aluminum foil and the plastic. The recycled aluminum foil can be used to smelt aluminum ingots, and it is also the first-class raw material for silver powder factories, fireworks factories, and aluminum factories (smelting aluminum lakes). According to our investigation, this product is currently in short supply and has a huge market potential; PVC plastic can be pressed into tablets. , Pipe making for packaging and water delivery pipelines. Advanced technology and broad market prospects will bring you unlimited business opportunities.

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