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Precautions for copper rod equipment produced by uplifting machine

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1. Do the daily maintenance of the crystallizer regularly. Descaling and cleaning, to ensure that the waterway is unblocked; 2. The electrolytic copper must be clean before entering the furnace, and it must be baked and preheated in the furnace to remove water. Electrolytic copper and waste copper rods that do not meet the process regulations are strictly prohibited from entering the furnace.

Oxygen-free Copper Rod Casting Machine

Oxygen-free Copper Rod Casting Machine

3. Feeding must be balanced, less frequent additions, to keep the furnace temperature constant and the copper liquid level stable, and the added copper plate or reheating waste copper should not float on the surface of the copper liquid, and should be pressed into the copper liquid with a wooden rod in time.

4. The charcoal must be baked before entering the furnace. The charcoal covering layer must be tight and thick enough to prevent the copper liquid from inhaling the oxygen and hydrogen in the air; 5. The slag and charcoal must be carefully operated in accordance with the process specifications to avoid copper liquid Inhale when exposed to air.

6. Regularly remove the wall slag of the furnace to prevent harmful substances from being dissolved into the copper liquid again; 7. Always pay attention to the quality of the copper rod, the height of the copper liquid level, the charcoal coverage and the changes of various process parameters. If the quality of the copper rod is found to be abnormal, measures should be taken to deal with it in time.

To sum up, the pores of oxygen-free copper rods are caused by comprehensive factors. Any negligence in each link of production will cause pores. It cannot be said which link is particularly important, but it can only be said that no link is not important. There are sufficient guarantees in terms of raw materials, technology, equipment, environment, and personnel quality to reduce the occurrence of copper rod pores. So what link should we focus on at present? According to my follow-up observations on the production links and product quality of the upward copper rods in the past few years, the picking, sorting and processing work of the waste copper wire before the packaging and the "scrap copper packaging process" There are still gaps in the requirements of the Quality Control Regulations. Its management urgently needs to be strengthened and perfected, and we believe that with our joint efforts, the quality of the uptake oxygen-free copper rods will gradually be improved.

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