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lithium ion battery recycling machine

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A waste lithium battery recycling treatment and utilization device, including waste lithium battery recycling processing production line, lithium battery recycling production line, the production line uses discharged waste lithium batteries as raw materials, abandoning traditional manual treatment and fire treatment technology, adopting appropriate The physical crushing and screening process, the application of odor disposal and collection facilities, has the advantages of green and environmental protection.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Main technical route:

1. Main technical equipment: lithium battery shredder; lithium battery crusher; diaphragm collector; lithium battery crusher; air flow sorter; copper and aluminum sorter; lithium battery conveyor; pulse dust collector; photo-oxygen catalytic equipment ;

2. Key technological innovations: the realization of an automated production line for shredding and dismantling of waste lithium batteries; intelligent detection of the whole equipment + alarm system; perfect copper and aluminum re-screening system;

Technical index:

1. Equipment automation rate: 80%

2. Equipment recycling capacity: 99%

3. Disposable waste battery size: unlimited

4. Suitable for battery pack weight: 700kg

5. The recovery rate of copper and aluminum is 99%. The recovery rate of positive and negative materials is 99%. The recovery rate of plastic separator is 99%.


Simple, low energy consumption, friendly operating environment, low long-term operation cost, suitable for large-scale industrial applications.

The waste lithium battery recycling and processing production line will recover the valuable components of the waste lithium battery by more than 99%. The production line has realized the recycling of lithium battery materials, and the recycling of lithium ion battery materials will help to form a complete lithium ion battery industry cycle. The chain solves the problem of recycling and recycling of lithium batteries for new energy vehicles, and makes new copper and aluminum metal energy once again become a value metal.

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