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The scope and characteristics of SUNY GROUP aluminum-plastic waste recycling equipment

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Environmentally-friendly aluminum-plastic separators, separation equipment, and separators can separate various types of conductive materials from non-conductive materials, and separate metals from non-metals. They are mainly used for waste printed circuit boards (copper and PCB), various medical boards, and aluminum plastics. Plates, food packaging bags, milk bags, toothpaste skins, Wahaha bottle caps, aluminum-plastic tubes, aluminum-platinum paper, metal beneficiation, etc., the separation effect is obvious. Since cities have to eliminate a large amount of waste every year, the use of aluminum-plastic separation equipment can turn these wastes into treasures without secondary pollution. The use of environmentally-friendly and energy-saving separation methods makes the investment recovery effect significant.

Aluminum Plastic Separator

Aluminum Plastic Separator

1: Waste aluminum-plastic recycling equipment (aluminum-plastic separator) can separate aluminum and plastic, and achieve the purpose of comprehensive utilization, with high economic benefits. And there is no dust and no secondary pollution.

2: The equipment adopts the structure of multi-machine combination, one feeding, multi-machine completion, equipped with automatic conveying, sound insulation technology, cooling system, etc., to achieve the separation and recycling of metal and plastic.

3: Waste aluminum plastic recycling equipment has the characteristics of low noise, large output, and strong innovation. The aluminum of aluminum-plastic wastes such as aluminum-plastic panels and other aluminum-plastic wastes recovered by the aluminum-plastic separator can maintain the quality of the original aluminum, and can also recycle the advantages of plastic, which can produce greater economic benefits.

4: Aluminum-plastic recycling equipment (aluminum-plastic separator/aluminum-plastic separation equipment) adopts high-voltage electrostatic separation technology, and its metal recovery rate is higher, and the metal recovery rate is more than 98%.

5: The equipment also uses the three-in-one dust removal device independently developed by our company. This dust removal device has three levels of dust removal: cyclone dust removal, bag dust removal and air purifier dust removal, which effectively solves the problem of dust pollution.

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With the development of the times, aluminum-plastic materials in various fields of human life have been widely used, but there is no reasonable recycling. The waste aluminum-plastic treatment equipment developed by our company can be applied to decorative materials such as aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum-plastic tubes, medical boards, composite aluminum-plastic wires, toothpaste skins, Wahaha bottle caps, composite aluminum-plastic seals, etc. Crushing and separation of aluminum-plastic mixed materials

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