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The process of turning waste tires into utilization value to produce rubber powder

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The process of turning waste tires into use value to produce rubber powder is actually using a used tire shredder to crush waste tires into particles and rubber powder, promoting the regeneration of waste tires, the rapid development of the rubber industry, and the accurate sorting of steel wires and rubber products. The economic development continues to stamina, and the automobile tire crushing technology is used to pave the way for stable development.

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Whether it’s tyres, rubber, scraps and other waste tire materials, such as block processing, or broken steel wire processing, or granule and rubber powder finished product processing, the automobile used tire shredder has fast processing speed, high efficiency, time-saving, labor-saving, and automation. The treatment effect is better than manual treatment, and there will be no tire jamming and unclean steel wire separation. Driven by the increasing market demand for used tire shredder products and the continuous improvement of its quality requirements, automobile used tire shredder equipment plays an increasingly important role by virtue of its own advantages.

Used tire crushing equipment, as an investment in waste tire recycling and reuse, is an effective measure for the recycling, reduction and harmless treatment of waste tires. Practice has proved that the rubber powder processed by the waste tire crushing equipment is used as a rubber additive in the rubber compound formula of the crown, sidewall and retreaded tread of the new tire manufacturing. It can not only improve the dynamic performance of the rubber compound. , It is beneficial to product quality, and it also greatly reduces costs and saves raw rubber. According to experts in mechanical rubber grinders, adding 10 parts of activated rubber powder to the tread rubber can maintain 300% of the tread rubber’s constant elongation stress and the tire’s Wear resistance does not affect the service life of tires. At present, with the continuous price increase of raw rubber and raw and auxiliary materials, the promotion and application of rubber powder is more important when improving economic efficiency.

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