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Waste Cable copper wire granulating machine

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Copper wire pelletizer is an environmentally friendly machine, also known as copper wire and cable recycling machine. The copper wire pelletizer is used to recycle waste cables into separated copper and plastic through crushing, air separation or electrostatic separation processes. It does not use fire, water or chemicals, so there is no secondary pollution to the environment.

Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Copper Wire Recycling Machine

The environmental protection equipment of the copper rice machine can recycle copper wires, waste wires, waste cables, communication lines, telephone lines, computer wires, various miscellaneous wires, household appliances wires, etc., and use dry sorting to separate copper rice and plastics, using fully automatic Crushing, mechanized feeding, crushing, dust collection and separation. It can be produced by just one person. Advanced dust collection device, dry separation, good recovery effect. Multi-functional device systems such as: motor thermal protection, wind frequency conversion device, shredder cooling device and other subsystems.

Under the action of wind power, waste cables and wires of two different densities pass through the deflection caused by the amplitude movement on the screen surface with a certain angle, so that the dense copper wire is advancing against the copper outlet of the screen surface, and the density is small. The plastic skin floats on the copper wire and flows to the skin outlet. So as to achieve the purpose of copper-plastic separation.

The copper rice machine is easy to operate and can be fed at one time. After crushing and processing, it is conveyed by the conveyor belt and separated in a dry manner. It can effectively separate copper and plastic and achieve the purpose of comprehensive utilization. And there is a higher economic efficiency of recycling, and a high-speed copper-plastic recycling treatment method. The copper rice machine is suitable for small and medium-sized users because of its low price, low investment, high production, and good efficiency.

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