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Scrap circuit board crushing and recycling equipment to lift precious metals

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The waste circuit board crushing and recycling production line is mainly used to separate metals and non-metals in materials such as waste circuit boards, copper clad laminates, circuit boards, and leftover materials. Based on the current refining technology, the process is mature and has great advantages. The circuit board crushing and recycling process has good comprehensive performance, and it has a unique effect on the recycling of computer boards, computer boards, TV boards, and other circuit control boards. It also has compatibility for the recycling of various circuit boards containing capacitors. It has reduced power, no noise, less labor, high automation, improved efficiency, and a small footprint. It is an ideal production line for refining and recycling waste circuit boards.

Circuit Board Recycling Machine

Circuit Board Recycling Machine

Process introduction:

1. Shredder: Shred the light board to 2-3 cm.

2. Circuit board crusher: crush the crushed circuit board to about 20 mesh.

3. Analyzer: the crushed material is air sorted, resin, copper, dust, and fiber are separated. The dust and fiber are sucked into the collector by the induced draft fan, and the resin and copper enter the grading sieve.

4. Collector: Collect dust and fibers, and discharge the collected fibers.

5. Pulse purifier: collect the dust and superfine fibers generated in the crushing process.

6. Classification screen: screen the resin and copper, the resin and copper that are not separated are returned to the main machine and then pulverized, and the separated resin and copper enter the specific gravity separator for separation.

7. Specific gravity sorting: resin powder and copper are sorted by specific gravity. Since the weight of copper is greater than the weight of resin, copper will be sorted to one side, and resin will be sorted to the other side. In this way, the separation of metal and non-metal is achieved. This is currently the most advanced technology in China, which can achieve a metal separation effect of more than 99%.

8. High-voltage electrostatic sorting: The tail material that has passed through the specific gravity sorting machine is subjected to high-voltage electrostatic sorting to separate the small copper powder contained in the tail material from the resin (the principle of high-voltage electrostatic sorting is: the input power is passed through the transformer Adjust to a high voltage of 100,000 volts to form a high-voltage magnetic field, which has an adsorption effect on conductive metals, so that the separation of metals and non-metals is achieved.

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