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Recycling machinery for Li Ni and Co in lithium ion batteries

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Lithium battery processing equipment further develops the recycling and reuse project of used lithium batteries, because there are many types of lithium batteries, and they are mass-produced and used in the current society. Lithium batteries have created a lot of convenience for mankind, and lithium is needed in many places. Batteries, steel case lithium batteries, the outer shell is a steel case, the positive plate is aluminum foil, the negative plate is copper foil, the positive electrode material is lithium cobalt oxide, the negative electrode material is graphite, and the separator is a polymer film, etc., usually steel case lithium batteries are processed Discharge treatment is performed first, and then after pyrolysis, it can be broken. The discharge is to prevent the waste battery from exploding in the pyrolysis furnace after being heated during the pyrolysis process. The discharge usually includes physical discharge and chemical discharge2 Kind of way.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine


As the service life of lithium-ion batteries is limited, a large number of waste lithium-ion batteries are also produced. Discarded lithium batteries contain a large amount of precious metals in their positive electrodes, of which cobalt accounts for 5-20%, nickel accounts for 5-12%, manganese accounts for 7-10%, lithium accounts for 2 to 5% and 7% plastics, and the metals contained are mostly rare Metals should be recycled and reused reasonably. For example, as a strategic resource, cobalt is widely used in various fields, in addition to lithium batteries and superalloys.

The waste lithium battery recycling device adopts a physical crushing recycling method. The technology has no dioxins, no fly ash, no incineration waste residue, no harmful gas generation, and no heavy metal pollution. It is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and has environmental benefits. Put the waste lithium ion battery into the metal recycling equipment, and separate the positive and negative powder, copper and aluminum metal particles, and plastics through discharge, disassembly, crushing and sorting, airflow sorting, screening and dust collection. The pole is separated from the plastic diaphragm, so as to achieve the purpose of separating the metal

The sorted metal and plastic, the SUNY GROUP environmentally friendly waste lithium battery recycling equipment, has important social and economic significance. The benefits of recycling of used lithium-ion batteries include two aspects:

(1) The materials obtained from the recycling process (all kinds of metal materials in waste batteries) are the main products of recycling and their value depends on the recovery rate and the degree of separation of various metals.

(2) The environmental benefits brought by the harmless recycling of waste batteries. This part of the benefits is often the economic return of recycling companies, but the benefits are considerable for the entire society and the battery industry.

Waste Lithium Battery Recycling Equipment The Shuguang Lithium Battery Recycling Equipment recycles used lithium-ion batteries, and its recycling methods mostly focus on the recycling of active materials in the batteries. The lithium battery pulverizer equipment adopts a combined process of crushing, screening and airflow sorting to realize the separation and recovery of the negative electrode copper, aluminum and carbon powder of the waste lithium battery.

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