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How about circuit board electronic crushing recycling equipment?

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Circuit board recycling equipment, namely circuit board separators, circuit board separators, and electronic waste disposal equipment, are circuit boards stored in various electrical appliances such as televisions and computers, containing copper, tin, aluminum and other metals and non-metals. The process of decomposition and sorting. This process does not need to disassemble the circuit boards, circuit boards and other raw materials containing electrical components, and can directly enter the production line for processing and production. The materials are separated and recovered through the first-level coarse crushing, magnetic separation, second-level fine crushing, dust collection, air separation, vibration screening, specific gravity separator, electric separation and other processes, and the recovery rate can reach more than 99%. The process is fully automated from feeding to the end of sorting, and only 1-2 people are required to operate it. The process is a physical dry separation without heating, incineration, water and chemical raw materials, low cost, high efficiency, and normal temperature dry separation without any pollution.

Circuit Board Recycling Machine

Circuit Board Recycling Machine

Circuit board recycling equipment can be used as a profitable business to turn waste into treasure to recycle waste electronic circuit boards. The processing methods for waste circuit boards usually include physical separation and chemical separation. After chemical separation, waste water and a large amount of harmful substances such as nickel and cobalt will be generated. , If you accidentally infiltrate the soil and water sources, it will cause pollution to the soil and water sources. The physical separation is a process in which the circuit board is pulverized into a mixture of metal and resin fiber powder, and then separated from the metal and powder by wind and electrostatic separation. The equipment is equipped with a pulse dust collector. It will cause the powder to enter the air and pollute the environment. Circuit board recycling equipment has become the vanguard in the electronic waste industry. The large-scale circuit board recycling equipment produced by SUNY GROUP abandons the traditional processing methods and uses physical mechanical processing to realize the recycling and reuse of rare resources.

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