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Lithium battery crushing and sorting equipment-waste lithium battery treatment technology

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Lithium battery recycling equipment The sorting equipment involves the technical field of waste lithium battery processing, including feeding conveyors, air separators, air ducts, fans and diaphragm collection boxes. The feeding conveyors are equipped with conveying inlets and conveying outlets. , The upper end of the air sorting machine is provided with a sorting machine inlet, and the two sides of the air sorting machine are respectively provided with a light material outlet and a heavy material outlet. The conveying outlet is connected with the sorting machine inlet, and one end of the air pipe Connected to the top of the air separator, the other end of the air pipe is connected to the diaphragm collection box, and the air pipe is equipped with a fan. Lithium battery crushing and sorting equipment has good separation effect, no substances disappear, no harmful substances are produced, and no pollution Atmospheric environment, energy saving and environmental protection, improve work efficiency.

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Equipment performance advantage

1. The crushing and separation of lithium batteries is strong. Since the materials are highly dispersed in the air flow, it is an active and effective process to effectively separate waste lithium batteries using a certain sorting principle.

2. The time between physical crushing and screening is short.

3. The physical crushing, crushing and screening equipment has a simple structure, a small area, and is easy to maintain and replace the cutter.

4. The processing capacity is large, and the metal efficiency of copper and aluminum is high. When the photo-oxygen catalytic equipment and the flue gas purification equipment are combined, the odor recovery rate reaches 90%.

5. The feasibility and operability of the lithium-ion battery crushing equipment line can effectively recycle and recycle the metal valuable substances produced by waste power lithium batteries.

The function of crushing and sorting of waste lithium batteries not only realizes the crushing effect but also realizes the effect of rapid sorting, and features such features as convenient use, simple operation, and low manufacturing cost. Lithium battery recycling equipment is an integrated device for crushing and sorting waste lithium batteries, which belongs to the field of waste battery treatment. It includes an automatic feeding device, a coarse crushing and sorting device, and a fine crushing and sorting device. The automatic feeding device includes a feeding belt and a weighing device. The coarse crushing and sorting device includes a coarse crushing device and an electromagnetic magnetic separator. , The weighing device and the coarse crushing device are connected by a feed pipe, the feed pipe is provided with an electromagnetic valve, and the electromagnetic magnetic separation device is provided with a discharge port and two discharge ports. The opening is connected with the fine crushing and sorting device, and an electromagnet is arranged on the two discharge openings. The utility model is an integrated device for crushing and sorting of waste lithium batteries, which can realize the integration of crushing and sorting of waste lithium batteries, has high automation, high recovery rate of cathode materials, high processing efficiency and low cost.

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